UFC Fighter Matt Mitrione Breaks Orbital Bone During Match, Sustains Most Disgusting Eye Injury Ever

So gross.

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Matt Mitrione lost to Travis Browne (yes, that Travis Browne) at UFC’s Fight Night Boston last night, but something tells us that’s the least of his worries right now.

During their match, Browne accidentally poked Mitrione in the eye twice. He also landed a punch in the third round that connected with Mitrione’s eye and, as a result, Mitrione looked like this after the match:

Holy $^%&!

His eye continued to swell up, too, and very early this morning, he was diagnosed with a broken orbital bone. He sent out a series of tweets about it and showed off the damage:

The injury was so bad that even Browne looked horrified by it after the match:

And we can’t even blame him for being grossed out. That’s so disgusting.

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