Back in August 2014, Paul George suffered one of the worst leg injuries we’ve ever seen during a Team USA scrimmage. He landed awkwardly on his right leg and snapped the bottom part of it in half. As a result, he was forced to spend the next eight months rehabbing the injury and missed most of the 2014-15 NBA season.

PG did eventually return to the Pacers’ lineup. Last April, he suited up for the first time since his injury occurred when Indiana squared off against the Heat. And for some strange reason, former adult film star Lisa Ann was at the game when he did. She posted this message on Instagram:

Given her close ties to a bunch of pro (and college!) athletes over the years, it wasn’t that surprising to see her at the game. But it was unclear whether PG had invited her or she had just shown up on her own to support him. Now, we might have an answer.

The Guardian just ran a long profile on Lisa Ann that features her talking at length about her relationship with the sports world and her new job as a fantasy sports analyst. And right in the middle of it, the piece features a quick note about how she apparently helped PG deal with the leg injury that he suffered:

Ann also fancies herself a confidante and mentor for athletes. She has no children and has no plans to have them in the future, and see athletes as her kids—and chastises them as such. She mentions Indiana Pacers basketball player Paul George as someone she counselled after he lost most of last year to a gruesome broken leg suffered during an offseason scrimmage

Unfortunately, Lisa Ann isn’t quoted directly with regards to PG, but in the story, she does explain that she has served as a mentor of sorts for many athletes in the past.

“It’s a trust thing,” she says. “It’s a kinship. It’s a reminder to them: ‘I know when you’re out in New York City it’s a playground for you, but when you go out on the road, you need to catch up on sleep. You looked slackish in that game last night.’ I’ve been doing this since the early 1990s. I tell some of these athletes: I’ve been doing this since before you were born.”

You can check out the entire Guardian story here. To the best of our knowledge, PG has never spoken publicly about his ties to Lisa Ann. But if she was really able to help him overcome the horrific leg injury he suffered, she’s probably going to be getting even more calls from athletes than usual in the near future.

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