It’s really rare to see the words “LeBron James” and “worst” in the same article, let alone in the same headline. But last month, we—along with many other sports blogs out there—referred to LeBron as “the worst shooter in the NBA” after coming across this infographic that showed that LeBron was, well, “the worst shooter in the NBA”:

Turns out, LeBron saw the stories that people wrote. Or at least, he saw one of the stories. After he went off for 37 points against the 76ers yesterday (and survived this near-death experience!), he told that he heard that he was “the worst shooter in the NBA” before a recent game.

“I actually saw [it] on my Instagram feed that I was the worst shooting player in the NBA,” he said. “I actually saw that when I woke up from a nap. I remember exactly when that was. Denver. Right before the Denver game.”

LeBron then went on to say that he wasn’t bothered it, but that it did motivate him to start getting up more shots.

“It doesn’t bother me,” he said. “It puts me back in the gym.”

So there you go. LeBron does see some of what people say about him online. Consider yourself warned.

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