It's always important for head coaches and their players to have a line of communication with one another. But sometimes, that line can be crossed. Just ask LeBron James. Following the Cleveland Cavaliers' 122-100 win over the Toronto Raptors on Monday, Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal observed an awkward interaction between LeBron and head coach David Blatt.

As James made his way out of the locker room, he was stopped by Blatt who "swung open the door to his office," requesting to speak with The King with just a towel on. “C’mon Coach,” he said. “I can’t talk to you like this.”

Eventually, James caved into Blatt's request and spoke with his head coach. After a few moments, LeBron came out of the office, walked over to Tristan Thompson and told him, “That man was naked."

No word on specifics, like the length of the towel, whether or not the Captain Morgan pose was done during their conversation, etc. Still, James appeared shaken by the interaction because, as Lloyd points out, it's unusual to see coaches rock the towel only look.

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[via Akron Beacon Journal]