The Cavaliers and the Spurs played a Saturday night showdown in Cleveland. LeBron James put up 29 points, plus Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving each had 21 points. 

But the best defensive play of the game kickstarted the Cavaliers' point of no return to trailing the Spurs for the rest of the game came in the third quarter just after Lebron had the ball stolen from him by Manu Ginobili on a drive to the hoop.

Basketball players know that the best way to immediately redeem oneself for someone stealing your cookies while doing a drive to the basket is to block their shot on the defensive end. And that's exactly what LeBron did. King James held court as he quickly chased down Ginobili in the open court, and punched down his lay-up at the rim. 

Typical 'Bron.

The Cavaliers won the game 117-103. With their uptempo pace, the Cavs played with a charge of new energy that's helped them get a four-game win streak for their new head coach Tyronn Lue.

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