Josh Norman is not done riling up wide receivers.

Just two weeks after essentially getting Odell Beckham Jr. suspended after the two tussled all game, eventually leading to Beckham torpedoing Norman with his helmet, the Panthers outspoken DB got under Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Mike Evans' skin. 

The two were jawing all game long, and as both teams retreated to the locker room at halftime, Norman and Evans had to be separated by teammates as they continued to yell at each other. 

Evans was eventually ejected from the game after berating a referee for a holding call that went against him, which prompted Norman to gloat into one of the nearby cameras. Then, during a postgame interview, a reporter asked Norman what was going on between him and Evans.

"A peasant throwing rocks at a giant. That's what was going on," Norman said.

Norman's mind games are officially getting next level as things ramp up for the NFL playoffs. 

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