2016 is definitely not off to a good start for Johnny Manziel. Since the start of the year, Manziel has made headlines for:

And now, yet another negative Johnny Football story has hit. According to WOIO TV reporter Scott Taylor, Manziel was pulled over and ticketed last Saturday morning for driving his car with expired license plates:

Obviously, this isn’t a huge deal, especially when you compare it to some of the other things that Manziel is going through at the moment. Some people are even suggesting that it could prove Manziel wasn't actually in Vegas on Saturday night (though, couldn't he have jumped on a plane right after getting the ticket?). But it’s also the last thing Manziel needs. 2016 isn’t even a week old yet, and we're already at the point where his traffic tickets are making national headlines! Is this how his entire year is going to go?

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