Back in September when the season was just getting underway, 2014 NFL MVP runner-up J.J. Watt publicly lamented that he was having trouble finding a girlfriend. Well, he may have finally met his match during warm-ups for the Chiefs-Texans AFC Wild Card playoff game.  When I say "match," I mean that numerically.

The woman's name is Asalee Poole, and is likely his oldest fan because she celebrated her 99th birthday on Saturday. And she looked so tickled pink by the experience of his warm embrace, and having him sign the No. 99 Watt jersey she was wearing— on top of her breasts.


As for his age preference, to each their own. What a smooth operator that J.J. is, sacking the appeal of a lovely old lady before getting ready to try sacking Chiefs quarterback Brian Hoyer. Judging by the interaction, she looks like the one, or perhaps "the 99th," that he's always wanted.

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[via BroBible]