Jahlil Okafor's dad is an intense dude, and it doesn't seem he's "trusting the process," which likely puts him in line with most Sixers fans. Last night, whilst his son's team got bludgeoned 130-99 by the Clippers, the father of the No. 3 overall pick reportedly made his voice loudly known in a spot where the coach couldn't help but hear it, right behind the team's bench. This one-sided interaction occurred according to a fan in attendance who also happens to be the screenwriter for 500 Days of Summer and The Fault in Our Stars. After a quarter of this (which sounds like it's nothing new) the 20-year-old Okafor rightly shushed his dad:

You've likely never even thought about it for a single second in your life, but if you thought Okafor Sr.'s ire towards Philly's management was reserved for Brown, you'd be wrong, as it seems he'd be perfectly willing to take a picture with you provided you don't have GM Sam Hinkie's image on your shirt:

Anyway continue to trust the process Sixers fans. Because, barring an insurrection, what other choice do you really have?

Seasons like this these past several build character...supposedly.

[via @thisisweber]

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