J.R. Smith was accused of choking a teenager outside of a pizza spot in New York City at 4 a.m. back in November, supposedly after the person made fun of Smith for getting traded away from the Knicks.

At the time, Smith publicly proclaimed his innocence.

Now, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and Smith's personal lawyer, the case is officially closed.

"We are thankful there was not a rush to judgment and the truth came out," Smith's attorney Alex Spiro said in a statement.

"After a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding this case, we have concluded that the evidence does not support criminal charges against Mr. Smith," Patrick Muncie, a spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, said in a statement.

Smith took to Twitter and Instagram to share the good news.

Smith has been a vocal defender of his right to be out late, but there is a reality to the fact that NBA players will always be targets. It good to see that nothing serious came out of this alleged incident.

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