How would you feel if the man who was once your teammate, and long rumored to have had sex with your mother, shows up once again in your Instagram mentions talking shit about the experience years later?

Delonte West, former NBA player and Cleveland Cavalier teammate to LeBron James', has the handle @dluckyleftywest, and still feels some type of way about the 4-time MVP that's not too pleasant to say the least. The IG troll had some choice words about King James. Yet it looks like a repeat of what he said a couple weeks ago on Twitter

The rumor that went public was regarding West getting horizontal with LeBron's mom, Gloria James, back in 2010. Many people believed that this was partially the reason why West was sent to Dallas by the Cavs, before LeBron took his talents to South Beach in July 2010. Although West denied the rumor, that didn't stop the windfall.

West, a D-League player now, hasn't been signed by any NBA team in four seasons. Hey Delonte,  you mad? This may not be the best way to show it for trying to get back to the next level.

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[via BlackSportsOnline]