Indianapolis Colts running back D'Qwell Jackson is being sued for $1.5 million by Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, a Washington D.C. area-based pizza delivery worker who was involved in a heated dispute with Jackson over a parking spot almost one year ago in February 2015.

The parking spot was assigned to Jackson, located outside of his home in D.C. Jackson went berserk on the pizza delivery guy for parking in that spot, attacked the worker, and even tried to bribe him to squash the beef before police showed up on the scene to arrest Jackson for simple assault. According to the Washington Post's Mark Lieberman, Bonilla-Fuentes claims that he suffered punches on the left side of his face and back of his head.

Who would have thought that a parking spot could cost so much money? And who would have thought that beefing with a guy dropping off a couple pepperoni pizzas for less than 5 minutes would dent one's wallet that hard? Jackson has yet to face further discipline from the NFL's personal conduct policy.

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[via Bleacher Report]

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