You probably often wonder how an athlete would sound if he dropped the meaningless cliches and told you what was actually on his mind. Or you don't. I really have no freakin' idea what you think about. But former Pro Bowl pretty good NFL cornerback Fred Smoot did a Reddit AMA today and answered some questions in ways he could never do while he was still in uniform. The one topic he ducked was the whole Sex Boat thing, a great moment in Vikings history where Smoot (as some guy on Wikipedia put it) "allegedly held a purple double-headed dildo and inserted it into the vaginas of two women who were lying on the floor in the lounge area." No real answers on that. Though he did address it in his intro before jumping onto some other topics...:

...including his charitable efforts...:

...Peyton Manning...:


...his former team's unexpected success...:

...and Johnny Manziel:

That's just a sampling of the queries he answered. If you want to know more about what Fred Smoot thinks when he's possibly high, click the link below.

[via Reddit]

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