If you’ve been following our ongoing coverage of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán over on our Pop Culture channel, then you know that there have been all sorts of crazy stories surrounding him. But the latest one might be the most bizarre (until the next one, of course!).

Earlier today, Diario SPORT in Spain reported that, prior to his recent arrest, El Chapo was interested in buying the Premier League’s Chelsea FC. Forget that the team is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and that El Chapo isn’t exactly the kind of guy that would be welcomed with open arms if he really did try to buy the team. SPORT’s report indicated that he was set on doing it and wanted to use his $1 billion net worth to seal the deal.

As it turns out, though—and we know this will shock you—the report is BS. Or at least, not entirely accurate. There was some talk about El Chapo buying Chelsea, but it looks like it was just a theoretical discussion about it that got lost in translation:

Either way, it really doesn’t matter now, does it? Dude is going back to jail anyway, so…next El Chapo rumor, please!

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[via Fox Soccer]