We haven't seen Blake Griffin suit up for the Clippers since Christmas Day due to a quad injury. And now with his broken hand added to the equation, Griffin will be out for an additional 4-6 weeks to recover from decking one of the team's equipment managers earlier this week. So the question is: "When will we see Griffin actually suit up for the Clippers again?

With the NBA now investigating the altercation, it's likely that the league will lay a heavy hand (every pun intended) down on Griffin. Will the suspension keep him out through early-to-mid March, or longer? Clippers head coach Doc Rivers explained that the Clippers organization forgives him, and even went the length to compare the situation to President Richard Nixon and the infamous Watergate scandal for why they forgive him. According to ESPN reporter Kevin Arnovitz, Doc Rivers claimed that the team is stepping out of the way for the NBA to decide Griffin's punishment. "Both parties will get together," Rivers said. "Usually the league leads on that stuff."

Whether it's a fine or suspension, and as Blake's hand and quad heal, we wonder if time will heal the friendship of Blake and team equipment manager Matias Testi, and if he forgives Blake for badly rearranging his face. 


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