If you didn't know by now, Derek Jeter will be settling down with supermodel Hannah Davis in the very near future. 

But during his heydays with the Yankees, when the single Jeter was rumored to be enjoying the company of lovely ladies on a regular basis, there was the infamous report from Page Six that outlined how the future Hall of Famer rewarded his sleepover buddies with a gift basket filled with Derek Jeter paraphernalia.

Jeter's denied it in the past and his 25-year-old fiancée obviously has her man's back, as evidenced by her appearance on Dallas' 105.3 The Fan Wednesday. When the hosts asked a few personal questions that Davis demurely declined to get into, they wondered if she had ever been the lucky recipient of a Derek Jeter gift basket.

“I never received a gift basket, I'm sorry to tell you,” laughed Davis. “And it’s really sad that anyone could believe something like (that). It’s such a stupid story that makes no sense. But I mean, what are you gonna do?” 

[h/t Fox Sports]

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