When NBA players interact with hecklers during games, it usually doesn’t end well. We all remember what Pistons guard Reggie Jackson did earlier this season, right? But last night, DeMarcus Cousins got into it with a heckler during the Kings/Thunder game—and it actually had a happy ending.

It all started with a female Oklahoma City fan calling Cousins a “crybaby” during the fourth quarter of the game. Cousins responded by yelling back, “That’s it? That’s all you got?” and giving the woman a thumbs up. She then yelled back at Cousins and asked if he could give her his headband after the game so she could give it to her son. You can watch their interaction here:

Common sense would tell you that Cousins would say no. After all, the woman just heckled him, so…no. No headband for her. But common sense doesn’t always apply when it comes to Cousins, so according to the woman, Cousins was happy to part ways with his headband after the game was over:

We could argue that giving someone a sweaty headband is actually a form of payback. But we’ll chalk this up to Cousins doing something really nice for a heckler for a change.

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