There are plenty of good reasons for the Dallas Cowboys to consider parting ways with Greg Hardy. There's the ugly domestic violence incident, the way Hardy behaved in the wake of it, and the fact that he got into it with teammates on the sidelines on more than one occasion. 

But it seems as though an excessive amount of partying during the season might be the final straw that makes Dallas decide not to bring Hardy back.

“The expectation from their side is that the Cowboys are not going to bring Hardy back,” said Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, via The Washington Post.

“The problem for the Cowboys,” Cole continued, “is that Hardy partied a lot during the season, and simply was not in great physical shape as the season wore on and on and on.

“That was part of the reason he was tardy to several meetings during the season, and part of the reason why the team felt so distracted by his presence. All of that said, Hardy played extremely well, and … everyone will say he was a force on the field. And that’s one of the reasons why sources close to Hardy say that he’s going to sign with somebody during free agency. It will not, however, be the Cowboys.”

If partying by itself is truly a Cowboys concern, then it would seem odd to think they may look at trying to sign Johnny Manziel. But again, it may simply have been the tipping point where Hardy was concerned.

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