The Eagles ended their season with a 35-30 win over the Giants, so the year wasn't a complete loss. However, they still have to look for a new head coach after firing Chip Kelly. He was terminated because he rebuild an OK team into a bad one. And he nearly ruined Christmas.

You read that right. Owner Jeffrey Lurie became frustrated with Kelly not only because of the lack of on-field success, but his inability to be a basic human being; all of his conversations would only lead back to football. One of the final straws was when Kelly refused to attend Lurie's holiday party because it would interrupt his football schedule.

"According to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation, Kelly basically refused to attend it this year on its normal Monday night, and ultimately Lurie had to move it to a Friday afternoon onsite to facilitate Kelly's schedule," said Jason La Canfora. "Kelly argued Monday night would disrupt the coach's planning for the week -- a fair enough claim -- but Lurie apologized to the organization for the haphazard way the party was conducted this year and told others it would not happen in that fashion ever again."

To be fair, being a head coach in the NFL is a stressful job that requires you to be on point at all times. But sometimes you have to be chill, man. Kelly might be one of the first coaches fired thanks, in part, to not being chill.

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[via CBS]