David Blatt heads into the the weekend jobless and the takes are pouring in. One of them comes courtesy of the endlessly quotable and meme-able Charles Barkley

The commentator appeared on NBA TV to give his opinion, saying that Blatt wasn't in a great situation to begin with. In his trademark frankness, Barkley went as far as saying that he was screwed from the jump.

"I thought he's done a good job," Barkley said. "But I think the Cavaliers set him up for failure from the beginning. If you actually take a look at this situation, they were probably looking for the time to make the change. Because if you actually look at it from a common sense standpoint, in the history of basketball, has there ever been a situation where they hired the guy who was the No. 2 pick for the job?"

Charles Barkley on David Blatt firing: 'The Cavaliers set him up for failure' WATCH: https://t.co/2jcWN0aOPe pic.twitter.com/qpTlPlVLq8

— NBA.com (@NBAcom) January 23, 2016

Barkley is referring to the fact that Lue was originally a leading candidate when the Cavaliers were in the midst of their head coach search. Lue didn't get the job, but he did become the highest-paid assistant coach in league history. So something was in the water.

Of course, we'd probably be having a different conversation if the Cavaliers did beat the Warriors in the Finals, LeBron James didn't reportedly have issues with Blatt's coaching, or maybe if the Warriors didn't spend Monday torching the Cavaliers at their own court. Regardless, it's the Lue era now.

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