“Does Cam Newton’s Unwed Fatherhood Set a Bad Example?” Is a Real Headline in a Charlotte Newspaper Today

Can Cam Newton do anything right?

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Cam Newton seems like a nice enough guy, doesn’t he? He hands footballs out to little kids after he scores touchdowns. He brings the victims of major tragedies out to games. He visits sick kids and makes them happy. All very, very nice things. But for whatever reason (er, OK, maybe you can guess the reason?), there are some people out there who just don’t want to see Cam win.

We saw that back in November when a Titans fan wrote a letter to a newspaper and said that, after Newton (gasp!) danced during a touchdown celebration, she had a hard time explaining it to her child. And now, Newton, who just became a father, is under attack again for having the nerve to have a child of his own. The Charlotte Observer put the news about Cam’s baby boy on the front page late last week, and at least two people wrote letters to the editor expressing their disappointment over the fact that Newton isn't married.

Here’s letter 1:

So the man whom we celebrate, and with good reason, has produced a son. Congratulations would be in order if he had been man enough to marry the mother of his child and make a home. This happy occasion is blighted when Cam, whose own parents were married, skips the very basis of being a good parent.

And here’s letter 2:

It is amazing that the birth of Cam Newton’s son by his girlfriend is a front-page story. The U.S. is seeing a rise in unmarried births and for the media to flash this as the greatest happening for Cam Newton is contrary to today’s family principles.

Oh, and this is the headline that the newspaper ran along with the letters:

To which we say: WHA…Eh, we’re not even going to pretend to be outraged anymore. Just keep winning (and dancing!), Cam.

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[via Charlotte Observer]

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