If the Panthers win the Super Bowl in two weeks, Cam Newton is probably going to celebrate by going to Disney World. But for now, he settled for hitting the club after he helped Carolina knock off the Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game.

The Panthers star QB hit a Charlotte, N.C. nightclub called Label and, in the clip above, you can see him dancing to 2 Chainz’ song “Watch Out” (which is, coincidentally, the same song featured in Newton's “Too bad they don’t make Band-Aids for feelings” Beats By Dre commercial). Juvenile and Travis Porter were also reportedly in the house, and Newton took this photo with DJ Holiday:

Newton wasn’t the only Panthers player at the club, either. According to the Label Instagram page, Carolina defensive end Charles Johnson showed up, too, and he bought the entire club a shot when he did:

OK, so who’s going to be the first person to write a letter to the Charlotte Observer about this crazy behavior? How dare a 26-year-old NFL player celebrate a big win by dancing in the club!


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