What in the world happened with Patriots defensive lineman Chandler Jones on Sunday?

At this point, we know that he was admitted to a hospital after he reportedly showed up at a police station in Foxborough, Mass. looking noticeably “confused." We also know that a handful of reports have indicated that Jones may have been using synthetic marijuana just before he showed up at the police station. But beyond that, we don’t really know anything else—and it looks like the Pats intend on keeping it that way.

A short time ago, Bill Belichick held his final press conference before the Patriots’ playoff game against the Chiefs on Saturday. But he was in no mood to answer questions about Jones, and he did little more than allude to the team's initial statement about his player when he was asked about him.

“There is nothing more important to me than the health and well being of our players and staff,” he said.

He refused to speak on Jones further and wouldn’t even acknowledge whether or not he will play this weekend.

“We’ll see on Saturday,” he said before getting snippy with reporters. “I could just Xerox you a copy of game-plan and you can send it over to Kansas City.”

No one should be surprised by this. Belichick is obviously tight-lipped about everything (we still don’t know where that black eye came from, huh?) and, truth be told, we’re actually surprised he even bothered to say as much as he did about Jones. Continue to say tuned for additional info on the Patriots player’s condition.

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