Just like art, good fashion taste is in the eye of the beholder. Yet apparently, the Alabama Crimson Tide have their own team fashion police to dictate that for their fans.

Sports media personality Sean Adams reported on his Instagram account that this devout Alabama fan, shown in the pic above, came to attend the CFP National Championship Media Day conference on Saturday.  He was there in support of the Crimson Tide for Monday night's title game versus Clemson. Needless to say, this dude looked really weird; his checkered visor hat, bushy natural grey hair, and cornrows combined with bead-leaced braids that look like he's been listening to Riff Raff way too much.

And the police weren't having it. They escorted him out of the venue where the press conference was held. Can you blame them for removing this guy? Or is this a case of unnecessary weirdo discrimination? Leave a comment with your take on this.

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[via The Big Lead/@thisean]