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After years of greatness, record-setting performances and awards, it's tough to see sports legends become a shell of their former selves. Think Muhammed Ali losing in his last fight ever to the less-talented Trevor Berbick, Michael Jordan with the Wizards, or Kobe this season to name a few. 

Now Roy Jones, Jr. has entered this conversation. Roy was a rapper's punchline (excuse the pun) for doing damage in battles during the 90s when the fighter was kicking everyone's ass in the ring. But in 2015, the 46-year old boxing legend no longer has his touch. Maybe he thought he's still got like "Hey, George Foreman fought until he was damn near 50 years old, and regained a heavyweight title belt at age 45? Why can't I?" 

BIG MISTAKE. Earlier today he fought Enzo Maccarinelli in Russia, and got hit with a very slow combo that had him on the ropes. Then Macarrinelli hit him with a mean uppercut and right-hook that quickly sent Roy to the canvas.

This is a quintessential Smokey from Friday moment.

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