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All good things in life must come to an end—and the Warriors' win streak is no exception.

After being taken to the brink of losing last night in a double overtime thriller in Boston, the Bucks stopped Steph Curry & Co. in Milwaukee tonight as Golden State couldn't get it done again to become 25-0 on the season. They've already made their mark in NBA history starting the season with 24 straight wins and end their win streak from last season at 28 games.  

Curry had 28 points and Klay Thompson had 12 points in his return to the Warriors' lineup after sitting out last night's game against the Celtics due to an ankle injury. The Warriors trailed the Bucks going into the third quarter, and after falling behind by double digits in the fourth, the Warriors witnessed their win streak evaporate as the final score read 108-95. 

It's all good, though. The Warriors would need a losing streak all the way through February in order to become a .500 team. Needless to say, we just can't see that happening. 

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