It takes a legit badass to take a proper bump.

Of course, a professional wrestling finisher relies primarily on the person delivering it. But the wrestler on the receiving end must “bump” to make the move look deadly. Wrestlers bruise, bleed, and break for a business that is ironically dismissed as fake.

Au contraire. The best bumpers in the business are as tough as week-old steak, and they use their intensity to make their opponents look like Supermen. They jump when they’re picked up, they snap their bodies onto mats, and they stumble, moan, and caterwaul for the remainder of their matches. Wrestling finishers must look devastating, but not be devastating. And both the deliverers and the recipients must go hard to make that happen.

We’ve already gone over many of the hardest wrestling moves, and we covered most of the usual suspects: the Tombstone Piledriver, the Stunner, the F5, the RKO, the Pedigree, and more. Here are twenty more Iconic Finishing Moves in Wrestling History: the high-risk, high-reward badassery that tests the pain threshold, gets the crowds pumping, and pays tribute to professional wrestling’s glorious history.