Steve Francis is only 38 years old, but if you've seen a picture of the former NBA star recently then you know he looks old. Like the opposite of Pharrell old.

Rumors of drug use and bizarre behavior—like the time someone aggressively snatched his chain at a Sauce Twinz concert or the time he poured champagne all over himself while "Drunk in Love" played in the club—have fueled speculation that Francis, seven years removed from his last game in the NBA, isn't doing too well these days. 

But after making an appearance courtside with Tracy McGrady during the Rockets-Lakers game in Houston, TMZ caught up with Francis who assured the outlet that he's clean and "trying to be a positive influence on people."

Steve said all that drug talk is "so far from the truth. That's why I don't worry about social media." He added he's purely focused on his family, and his community in Houston.

In an attempt to put all speculation to rest, a source close to Francis told TMZ that he has no health issues, adding "He's just old." 

[h/t Deadpsin]

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