Kobe Bryant won his only NBA MVP award in 2008, but he was arguably even better during his previous two seasons. He not only led the league in scoring in 2006 and 2007, but Bryant dragged a team that started Smush Parker at point guard to the playoffs in consecutive years, And he's had no trouble reminding us of just how awful Parker was during his time in Los Angeles.

Parker has fired back from time to time, and it's clear the two will never like each other. But in light of Bryant's retirement announcement this week, Parker set his personal feelings aside to pay tribute to one of the game's all-time greats. 

"Personal feelings aside," Parker wrote on Instagram. "This Man achieved what so many of us Ball Players dream about. Dreams to play at the highest level of basketball, THE NBA. The chance to play on that stage! In front of those fans, being watched on tv across the globe. To be considered one of the top players and play in the all star game. Perhaps even some of us went as far as wanting to be the MVP of the league!!! But we ALL wanted to be a NBA Champion!!! Salute to one of our eras great players! God, Bless his transition and may he give you all the Glory!"

No matter how bad the relationship might have been, it's nice to see Parker recognize Bryant for all he's accomplished. 

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