Thanks to P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens, little ones at the Children's Hospital in Montreal enjoyed a holiday treat they will never forget. The defenseman turned the atrium at the hospital into a Winter Wonderland, with the help of Air Canada.

The Winter Wonderland – complete with presents and facepaint and games – took place in the P.K. Subban atrium, so named after Subban made a seven-year, $10 million commitment to the Montreal Children's Hospital. Subban, dressed in a powder-blue "onesie" also brought the families of the children vouchers for Air Canada flights.

The family of young Andy Corsino, a patient at the hospital, recently had lost their home in a fire, and received a check for $5,000 to help them get through the holidays.

At the end of the heartwarming video, Subban said, "The holiday season is very, very important. It's all about giving and giving back, and that's why you guys are here. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas."

Watch the heart-warming video above: