It's been a tough couple of days for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. After reports that today's Al Jazeera documentary named Manning as one of a handful of athletes to use human growth hormone in recent years, Manning took to ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown" this morning to vehemently defend himself against the allegations. A visibly flustered Manning called the claims a "freakin' joke" and a "defamation." It now sounds like Manning is ready to turn his anger in to more than just words.

Manning was asked by Sports Illustrated's Peter King whether or not he planned to sue over the allegations, and this was his response:

“Yeah, I probably will. I’m that angry.”

We're not sure who he plans to sue, whether that's Al Jazeera itself or the man that originally claimed he gave Manning HGH then later recanted, Charles Sly, but Manning is certainly none to happy with the developments in that documentary.

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[Via Pro Football Talk]