Odell Beckham Jr. Did the Iverson Stomp Just to Lose Again

Odell Beckham Jr.'s 2015 can be described as Sisyphean. He does everything he can possibly do for the Giants only to watch his team screw it up somehow. 

The same thing happened against the Panthers. Beckham Jr. capped off a 28-point comeback with a diving touchdown catch. Beckham Jr. the God re-arrived after spending the first half losing his mind, and he announced his return with the always relevant Allen Iverson stomp.

​Sadly, Beckham Jr. doesn't play defense. Cam Newton easily led his team through a porous Giants defense to set up the game-winning field goal. The Panthers remained undefeated as they sunk the Giants, 38-35.

It was basically the Giants' 2015 summed up in 15 minutes. You have your offensive breakthrough followed by a game-losing breakdown.

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