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Odell Beckham Jr. is a young, has money, and likes to take advantage of the New York nightlife when he can. 

But according to the New York Post, the dynamic wide receiver might be popping bottles against the wishes of the Giants. 

Page Six reported that Beckham spent Sunday night and Monday morning at club Haus with rapper Jadakiss and others—but no teammates—enjoying a boys night out until 3 a.m. following the Giants OT loss to the Jets. That's not really a big deal since he didn't get into trouble, didn't break any laws, and basically did what any 23-year-old with money to burn and influence in New York would do. 

What potentially is a problem, according to the gossip column, is that Beckham hasn't cut down his love of nightlife while the rest of the Giants—entering the stretch run of a frustrating 5-7 season—have been laying low.  

While talented Beckham wasn’t breaking any team rules by being at the club, a nightlife source told us the rest of his team’s been leaving the corks on the bubbly of late. “The Giants have been cracking down on players’ social lives, considering the season they’re having,” said an insider. “Across the board, most of [the players] have slowed down on going out.” But, the source added, “Odell’s their star right now . . . Most will say he’s carrying the team. He feels like he can go out and drink and have fun, because it’s not him who is losing the games.”

The Giants spokesperson denied there was any team policy in place, telling Page Six their "premise is false. I don’t know where Odell has or hasn’t been. Everything else is wrong.”

So is OBJ popping too many bottles? Probably not. It's Page Six we're talking about here which means take it with a grain of salt. 

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