Nick Young Dished an Assist to Kobe Bryant for the First Time in His Career

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Nick Young has been with the Lakers for three years, yet he never bothered to hook Kobe Bryant up with an assist. The 3-21 squad does rank dead last in assists, but that's still a crazy fact.

Well, it was a crazy fact. Young finally gave Bryant a dime last night against the Rockets. Houston won 126-97, so that one play didn't help that much. The point is that it finally happened. We're living in a post Nick Young-to-Kobe Bryant world. Savor it.

As for what led to the assist, Young said it was all in the kicks he wore during the game: the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750s. "It was the Yeezys tonight that got the assist for him," he said.

Keepin' it Swaggy

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) December 13, 2015

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[via Eye on Basketball]

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