If you like soft news stories you'll love this. If you hate them you'll hate this. Probably a lot.

Angela Ramey and her daughter Grace, from Bloomington, Minn., won a grand prize to win another prize after being the family that raised the most money for a school fundraiser called "Bethany Loves Bloomington," a charity project to feed hungry people around local high school Bethany Academy. Their prize was three chances to make a freaking half-court shot in order to win half-off tuition for a year to Bethany Academy.

Let that sink in. How many NBA players are sinking a half-court shot in three tries? No free throw. Or three-pointer. Just a half-court prayer. I mean, how badly did this school want to avoid giving half-price to the family most responsible for raising money for their fundraiser? Seriously, the dumbest setup ever and, thankfully, it backfired.

After each took a shot and missed horribly (which would happen to most anybody) Angela accidentally bounced the third (and final) chance in, winning the rigged game, and causing her to lose her mind. Now the school, who would make carnies everywhere proud with this little scheme, has to give their discount.

Very heartwarming. Just in time for the holidays

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