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“Don’t put this sh*t on YouTube!”

That’s what the woman in the video above yells at around the 37-second mark of the clip. Forget that she’s surrounded by a bunch of kids or that it’s pretty obvious that those kids are going to put whatever happens next on YouTube. She seems to sense what’s about to take place when she attempts to drop in at a skatepark, and she doesn’t want the Internet to see it.

So much for thaaaaaaat. We should warn you that this video is 100 percent NSFW. The woman in it curses a lot, appears to be drunk, and (SPOILER ALERT!) takes a really hard fall. Meanwhile, the kids in the video yell things like "YOLO!" and "WORLDSTAR!" at her to try to get her to skate. Such a mess—and we actually feel really bad if this woman's kid was at the skatepark on this particular day.

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[via Barstool Sports]