Still wondering why Michael Jordan delivered a video message to Kobe Bryant before the Lakers/Hornets game last night as opposed to actually showing up to honor him in person? Well, here’s your answer!

MJ is apparently on vacation down in the Bahamas, according to this video that was uploaded to YouTube by Howie Mandel’s son Alex late Sunday. At around the 5:55 mark, you can clearly see Michael Jordan sitting at the end of a blackjack table—and he’s not alone! Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis are there, too, and golfer Luke Donald is as well.

MJ’s gambling-related stories are legendary at this point, but as Busted Coverage pointed out when they posted this video, this is the first YouTube video that shows MJ sitting at a table. There’s not much to the clip, but at least we all know why MJ sent Kobe a video now.

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[via Busted Coverage]