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If you're looking for subplots for the NFL's slate of games today you can't really go wrong with the drama surrounding the dysfunctional relationship of LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly. McCoy already stated, earlier this week, that he wouldn't be shaking the hand of his former coach, but now we know that he also spurned the Eagles' HC when he tried to call him earlier this week to bury the hatchet over the way McCoy was traded to Buffalo this past offseason. Kelly reportedly called his ex-running back on Tuesday from a number McCoy didn't recognize, and as soon as he blurted out the words "This is Chip Ke--" McCoy hung up. Not to be deterred Kelly tried back, but instead just got voicemail:

A few hours from now we'll see if McCoy can go beyond ducking his former boss and do something of actual substance on the field against Philly and their 27th ranked rushing defense. Might be a good game to keep an eye on assuming, of course, it isn't blacked-out in your area.

[via Pro Football Talk]

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