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The Cavs are right where we expected them to be a quarter way through the season—atop the Eastern Conference standings with a 14-7 record despite not having the services of Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert

That could change this weekend. 

The two guards who have yet to play a minute this season as they recover from serious injuries, could suit up for the Cavs next game against the Magic Friday. Coach Dave Blatt told reporters Thursday "There's a chance they play" while adding "there's also a chance they don't." 

Cleveland travels to Boston early next week before a big matchup with the Thunder in Oklahoma City a week from tonight. 

Irving, who reportedly schooled LeBron James in a game of 1-on-1 in practice last month, is coming back from fracturing his kneecap in Game 2 of the NBA Finals while Shumpert is rehabbing from a ruptured extensor carpi ulnaris sheath in his right wrist suffered just before training camp began. 

The Cavs have looked pretty good without Irving, who originally wasn't expected back until January, and Shumpert. The rich, it would appear, are about to get a whole lot richer. 

[h/t CBS Sports]

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