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Could Drake beat Justin Bieber in a game of 1-on-1? Hmmm…

We saw Biebs tear it up during Kanye West’s birthday game a few months back, and we saw Drake do, well, sigh…this. So we’ve gotta go Biebs, right?

Not so fast. Earlier today, Klay Thompson was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show and was asked to name some of the celebrities who have shown up at Warriors games this season. He named E-40 and Dave Chappelle as a couple of the famous faces who have shown up at homes games (wait, no mention of Lil B?! CAREFUL, KLAY!), and he named Drizzy and Biebs as a couple of the celebs who have shown up at away games. So that prompted Patrick to ask him who would win in a game of 1-on-1—Drake or Bieber?

“I’m taking Drake,” Thompson said, without hesitation. “He’ll big body Bieber. Bieber is only 5-foot-9, 5-foot-10. Drake is bigger, and I’m sure he won’t let Bieber beat him.”

Thompson did go on to say that Bieber’s jump shot is “not that bad,” which is (sort of) a compliment when you consider the source. But do you agree with his pick? We just can’t get this out of our heads:

Fast-forward to the 9:20 mark of the clip above to hear Thompson’s full response to the Drake/Bieber question.

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[via Dan Patrick Show]