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Bad news: The Warriors are 24-1. Good news: The Warriors are 24-1. And they still have Steph Curry, the greatest player in the league.

Curry has been so on point that people are making Michael Jordan comparisons. Curry himself said he wanted to take His Airness' GOAT title away from him, while everybody's favorite voice of reason Kevin Garnett implied they're too different to compare.

Jason Kidd, who coached the team that finally beat the Warriors, also has his two cents to add. After the Bucks beat Golden State by 13, Kidd noted that for kids and teenagers with NBA hopes, Curry is Jordan.

"He's this generation's Jordan." Kidd said. "We all wanted to be like Mike, and children today will grow up seeing Steph."

Expect more statements like these if Curry keeps playing this well. He scored 28 points against the Bucks.

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