The 76ers have suspended Okafor for two games:

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On Thanksgiving, TMZ Sports released a video of Jahlil Okafor getting into a fight with a man outside of a Boston nightclub. It was obviously a very bad look for him, and since the fight, a slew of negative stories about the 76ers rookie have come out (see here, here, and here). And TMZ Sports just dropped yet another one, which appears to be the worst one yet.

According to TMZ Sports, Okafor wasn’t involved in just one street fight last Wednesday night; he was involved in two. And as you can see in the clip above, the second fight—which reportedly took place down the street from the first fight—was more brutal than the first one.

In the video, you can hear Okafor exchanging words with a group of people and repeatedly yelling, “We got money,” in their direction. Okafor then steps out in the street to confront one of the men in the group. It’s a little bit hard to see exactly what happens next due to some shaky camera work, but that man eventually ends up on the ground bleeding and a glass storefront nearby ends up getting broken. A witness who spoke with TMZ Sports told them Okafor was the one who punched the man.

Stay tuned for more details. The Boston Police Department is reportedly looking into this second fight and, according to TMZ Sports, charges are likely going to be filed. The man who was punched has also already threatened to file a lawsuit against Okafor.

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