While Jerry Jones and the higher bodies at the NFL have moved on after seeing the devastating results of Greg Hardy's domestic abuse, one fan — as well as at least 74,000 — has not. 

An Eagles fan who goes by the name of Freddy Martinez wrote a petition to Jones and Commissioner Roger Goodell that demanded Hardy be banned from the league. Martinez specifically notes that since there is very clear, very public evidence that he is an abuser, Hardy shouldn't have a place in the league.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell -- who made several mistakes in the handling of the Ray Rice incident -- and the organizations that represent players are making a clear statement that they still aren’t willing to severely punish players who commit such serious crimes against women. That’s not OK.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I am having an increasingly hard time supporting a league that gives players the privilege to play in the NFL despite these kind of actions.

In the NFL, moral bankruptcy is overlooked if you play well enough. Even that terrible defense won't help Hardy, since he's been decent at best these past few games.

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