Jason Pierre-Paul has largely moved past the July 4th fireworks accident that caused him to lose a finger and the tip of his thumb. He's back playing for the New York Giants, and got his first sack of the season during Sunday's loss to the Panthers.

Evidently, enough time has passed to where Pierre-Paul is now comfortable discussing the somewhat embarrassing incident. He sat down with Michael Strahan for an interview with FOX Sports, and tried to explain the details of exactly what led to such a disastrous injury.


"The one I was holding. I thought it was a different one, but it wasn't. And it just went off in my hand, right away," he said. "I didn't have time to throw. I was throwing them all night and then I light the last one up and it blew off my hand." 

Pierre-Paul also said reports of him denying the team access to see him during the days immediately following the injury weren't accurate, and that the accident made him realize that football won't be available to him forever.

That's probably not a very satisfying answer for those looking for a true explanation, but it does make sense when thinking about how something so crazy could have possibly taken place. 

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