One of the things that I find fascinating about Floyd Mayweather is that, for as much as he obviously loves to be the center of attention, he also seems to enjoy going to the most random basketball games ever. Yes, he has shown up at some of the bigger, nationally-televised NBA games, like the Warriors/Clippers game that took place last month. But he also shows up at some really strange games. For example, he showed up at a Suns/Lakers preseason game (in Anaheim, Calif., no less) last year and even showed up at a D-League game earlier this season.

Mayweather may have actually outdone himself in terms of showing up at random NBA games last night, though.

In the Instagram photo above, which Mayweather posted late last night, he claimed that he had a “light day on the yacht” yesterday and that he was thinking about the next place he wanted to travel. Over the last two weeks, he has been flying all over the place, making stops in Russia, France, Italy, and most recently, Dubai. He also posted this photo just a few hours before the photo above that featured him skiing in Dubai:

So it was pretty clear that Mayweather was going to be overseas enjoying himself for at least a few more days. At least, that's what it looked like. But then, I happened to click on the IG page of @theharlemhotboy—the CEO of Mayweather’s Philthy Rich Records, who was featured in the skiing pic—and noticed something. Apparently, Mayweather wasn’t enjoying a “light day on the yacht” yesterday after all. Instead, he was…at a Knicks game?!

That's right. @theharlemhotboy​ posted several photos of him and Mayweather sitting courtside at the Timberwolves/Knicks game last night on IG. Here’s one photo that shows just how close they were to the action (HEY, KRISTAPS!):


#KnicksTape 🏀 #CourtSideAbility

A photo posted by P-REALA 💯 (@theharlemhotboy) on Dec 16, 2015 at 6:52pm PST

And here’s another one that shows @theharlemhotboy sitting next to Mayweather and taking a photo with John McEnroe’s daughter:

And upon further (Twitter) review, it looks like Mayweather was at the game last night. He got booed during it and everything!

However, you wouldn’t know any of this judging by Mayweather’s IG page. As recently as just a few hours ago, he posted this video of him zip-lining in Dubai:

But it looks like that video may have been taken a couple days ago:


When you get to the top and start having 2nd thoughts @floydmayweather.... 😂Thank you @xdubai

A video posted by Carla DiBello (@carladibello) on Dec 15, 2015 at 7:20am PST

So what can we learn from all of this? Well, for one, we learned that Mayweather needs to hire someone (we think he can afford it) to get his vacation photos in order. They're all over the place and not as current as they could/should be. We also learned that Mayweather is apparently everywhere right now (#AirMayweather really does get around!). And finally, we learned that Mayweather seems to be on some sort of quest to show up at the most random basketball games he can find, regardless of what hoops he has to jump through to get to them ("A flight from Dubai to catch the 'Wolves and Knicks on a Wednesday night? Sign me up!"). So if you’ve got tickets to the Raptors/Hornets game tonight, you might want to look out for him.

But seriously, where is this guy going to show up next? Australia?! Er, oh, wait

Stay tuned!

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