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Chris Eubank Jr might have just got the kiss of death.

Ahead of their fight as the main support for Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte at the O2 Arena in London tomorrow night, Chris Eubank Jr and Gary 'Spike' O'Sullivan got up close and personal at the weigh-in.

Irishman O'Sullivan spooked Eubank Jr before giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

It's not the first time O'Sullivan has done this at a weigh in and in the build up to the fight, Eubank Jr had spoke of his concern that O'Sullivan would do the same to him.

In a The Gloves Are Off special for Sky Sports last week, Eubank Jr said:

"Gary O'Sullivan open-mouth kissed his last opponent in a face-off. It's disgraceful and because of that, he lost the privilege of facing off with me. He might be able to at the weigh-in and if he still wants a kiss at that time, he can try his luck and see what happens.

"It's extremely unprofessional and I don't think he deserves to face-off with anyone after that. I try not to think about it but I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he has the hardest time possible if he's going to pull a stunt like that."

Meanwhile, Eubank Snr wasn't fazed by the drama.

We'll find out who has the last laugh tomorrow night.

[via Twitter]