Peyton Manning's name is the one generating the most publicity for an Al Jazeera documentary called The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers. But there are also a handful of other athletes who have allegedly pumped PEDs into their bodies that'll have to cut checks to their own PR teams and lawyers due to the doc's allegations. The sportsmen in question were linked to a variety of drugs including human growth hormone, painkillers, and a steroid-like hormone supplement called "Delta-2," from a source who has since renounced his own claims. The names connected to said substances include baseball players, football players, and a former boxer that honestly shouldn't surprise you too much. Put into list form they are:

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard
Nationals first/third baseman Ryan Zimmerman
Former Miami Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller
Packers linebacker Mike Neal (Delta-2)
Other Packers linebacker Julius Peppers (Delta-2)
Other Packers linebacker Clay Matthews (who was linked to painkillers and not HGH or Delta-2)
Steelers linebacker James Harrison (Delta-2)
And former Heavyweight Champ of the World Mike Tyson

Whether or not their denials will be as furious as Manning's was is yet to be determined, but the report should make for some interesting press conferences nonetheless. You can watch the documentary in full on Al Jazeera later today. Or, if you're not the patient type, you can watch it right now online instead.

[via Al Jazeera]

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