Years in WWE: 1996-1999, 2003-2004
Titles won: WWE Women's Championship
Where she is now: 

Fun fact: Sable was the first woman on the WWE roster to refer to herself as being a "Diva" in 1999, which makes sense; VH1 had launched their first VH1 Divas concert in 1998, and the term was gaining steam. With Sable's popularity in the WWE rising higher than her husband Marc Mero's (which makes sense, because he's Marc Mero), the term fit.

Sable had a weird relationship with the WWE around that time as well; she'd filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWE in 1999 for sexual harassment after reportedly refusing to go topless, as well as being tired of having her clothes ripped off of her on Raw (the case was settled out of court in August of that year). She spent the next few years doing everything from TV appearances to releasing her own book (Undefeated), a comic book, and ran an advice column (on CompuServe, because the Internet is old).

She ended up returning to the WWE in 2003, a run that included her posing for a third Playboy cover, but ultimately left the company to spend more time with her family.

Speaking of her family, Sable and Marc Mero got a divorce in 2004 after a 10-year marriage, and she started dating WWE and MMA superstar Brock Lesnar, who she married in May of 2006. They have three sons together and a stepdaughter from Brock's previous relationship. Sable is also a grandmother.