What a difference a year makes.

Can you imagine what people would have said if Cam Newton had done this same exact thing at the end of last season? If his team was below .500 and fighting for a playoff spot and he showed up at a strip club with Rick Ross (WARNING: Lots of bad language and partial nudity in the video above!) less than 48 hours before a game against the division rival Falcons, he would have gotten destroyyyyyyyed on the Internet. There wouldn’t have been enough think pieces in the world to address it.

Instead, this is just one more reason to vote for Cam for NFL MVP this season. Because while other NFL QBs were at home in bed on Friday night, Newton was at the strip club with Rozay. And guess what? He still led his team to a 38-0 win over Atlanta on Sunday. Damn. Maybe Matt Ryan should have been at the strip club, too.

This is Cam’s world right now, and we’re just living in it.

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[via Busted Coverage]