How great was it to see Kobe Bryant turn back the clock, rise up and throw it down on the Rockets' Clint Capela. Hopefully, you enjoyed it because if Lakers head coach Byron Scott has his way, you will never see something like that again. Not just the posterization. Another dunk by the Black Mamba.  

“I don’t want him to dunk no more,” Scott said, laughing. “I’ll tell him to save it for Game 82. Then he can dunk again.” Byron may have a good reason to advise Bryant to save his next (and possibly last) dunk for the final game of the season. Since the slam, Kobe was forced to sit out the Lakers' contest against the Thunder two days later with soreness in his right shoulder. 

Of course, Byron knows that he can tell Kobe to take it easy with the dunks all he wants, if Bryant wants to throw it down in his very next game, he will do just that. “When the adrenaline is flowing, it’s real hard to tell a guy ‘Don’t dunk,’” Scott said. “That might have been his last one. But he knows himself more than anybody.” 

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[via Black Sports Online]